Throughout time, women have been seen and idealized in art as personal caretakers or fertility
figures. I aim to deconstruct these ideals in relics of women by repurposing, enlarging, and
redirecting the intentions of the the relics themselves. As women’s societal roles are
progressing, our displays through art should reflect our newfound stance against sexual
violence and our coming together as one against an unjust cause.
I model my forms like that of the Woman of Willendorf, turning and altering each piece as they
progress. Forming these pieces is a therapeutic process to me and alone is already a tool I use
to work through my struggles as a survivor. As I piece each section of these forms together, I
am creating a platform for which people can come together as one against rape culture. The
final attachment I add to these forms are their handles and embellishments. These are added to
give identity to the forms in the space that they occupy. They add a sense of posture- of being.
Once my forms are fired and ready, they are vessels for holding and fermenting the memorabilia
of fellow victims and myself. The process of alcoholic fermentation confers sugars into energy
by removing oxygen. Together, with the help of each piece, we can take substances that has
been used to take advantage of survivors and use it to suffocate this culture that perpetuates
rape. These forms have become something to birth a new energy and represent strength in
These forms are no longer symbols of fertility to me, but symbols of birth in a new light. Through
this process, I have been able to realize the many different things that women can produce and
reconstitute. Rather than being fertility or fetish objects, these forms have become a symbol of
feminine strength. They have taken on my pain and altered it alongside me. My ladies have
helped form me just as much as I have formed them.

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