Finding your concept

Concept ideation for artists new to blending ideas with execution can be difficult. Everyone is different but I am going to share some of the ways I have figured out my path in my work.

My story is different than many others I know. I went to art school not knowing anything about the world other than I knew I wanted to make. The idea of concept was lost on me. I was lucky enough to have an incredible professor who challenged me to talk about things in my life I had yet discussed. She asked me if there was something significant in my life that I could use to connect with others and express my thoughts through clay. I knew right away that the one thing I never wanted to talk about (my assaults) was the subject that could not only reach others, but it could help other's feel as though it was not an isolated circumstance and they were not alone in this fight.

So I would start by asking yourself- is there something that connects you to the outside world? A topic, thought, feeling, object significant to you that can create a community through your work. Not all art needs to be as serious or "uncomfortable" as mine, many people make work on brighter topics such as connection to nature or living in this age and they are highly successful. When you are considering your path, keep this idea in mind. Think about who you are and what you are comfortable sharing with others (strangers).

The beauty in this is that you gain a better understanding of yourself through this process. It is one of my favorite things about being an artist that I get the ability to further develop both my relationship with myself and love for myself. Through my own process, I have been able to gain closure and acceptance of the shadows in my life.

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